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Gerard’s selfie though

How do you make a drawing of Frank look like Frank :/ - Scrapbook anon
— asked by Anonymous

I’m going to ask you to ask yourself: What makes Frank look like Frank?

Try not to think of it as drawing of Frank - rather, you are using drawing skills as a means to replicate Frank on paper. Sure - once it’s done it could be called a drawing, but the most important thing is that it’s Frank. All the emphasis and focus is on Frank, not the drawing part.

I personally find reference pictures super helpful - because a) if you are trying to create something in Frank’s image you have to know what Frank looks like (in depth too), and b) a reference picture is basically like the answers section of a maths textbook in that you don’t have to remember anything, you just have to look at it, see exactly what’s what, then copy it. If its a full body drawing, pay extra attention to his posture/stance and bodylanguage, if it’s a portrait, every detail of his face and the shape of his hair/hairline is important.

Should I get ‘Doodle’ printed on the bottom of my leavers hoodie for the nickname or something else?

Thanks tumblr


Could someone tell me what that ‘thanks pete’ thing is because I’m so confused….

More ink monster girl :3

More ink monster girl :3

Is there a jazz au fanfic?
— asked by Anonymous

I hope there is, but if there isn’t and someone writes it really well I’d totally illustrate it or perhaps make it into a comic :3

I’m thinking the Jazz AU should be kind of 1920s-30s ish rather than modern?

I’m thinking the Jazz AU should be kind of 1920s-30s ish rather than modern?

What hair should Jazz!Mikey have?



Idk I always sucked at making up my own characters…

I make up characters, but I suck at drawing them. Maybe we should team up?

We should team up

I'm the scrapbook anon , thank you so much for those ideas. I'm planning on doing something more dark or artistic not public issues :P . TBP is the best i thought of so far. What would you do ?
— asked by Anonymous

I’m not sure - I’ve never scrapbooked before :o
But I’d do something either with either TBP in it some how, Vampire Revenge!Gerard or something to do with the Romantically Apocalyptic webcomic  because holy moly :3
But yeah - pick something that you’re excited about or can get in the zone with easily :)

Yo can I print out some of ur lineart to color in like a coloring book
— asked by Anonymous

Sure thing :3
If you want I could trace some of the best ones into clip studio with my tablet and make them all clean and stuff so it’s nicer to print and colour over - rather than the bad quality photos I took with my phone?… :o

Gerard’s Batman costume though…

Hey, I've got to make a scrapbook for art class and I cant think of any topics ! Pleeeease can you suggest at least a few ? Its 20 pages and I'm really lost on it. Thanks ...
— asked by Anonymous



What sort of topics are you after - like….. public issues, or stories, or facts of life, or just whatever? Is there a design brief? 
I reckon if there’s some way to make it gothic that would be totally epic because you could put in lace borders and have little parts of skeletons around and spiderwebs/cobwebs in the corners or between things and ornate patterns and coffin shapes or the black parade leader or vampire gerard – well, if you like that aesthetic. It’s better to do/try and make what you like seeing :)

Make sure your scrapbook has a topic that’s relevant to you anon! Think of stuff you like or remember; scrapbooks are for memories :D